Day: 22 July 2019

Santol Energy meets ISO international standards

Santol Energy, an Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Ghana has received a major operational boost with an ISO International Certification for its business activities.

For an industry that has major operational risks and potential disasters, the approval by The Certification Group Limited,  (TCG) an ISO Group in the UK, means the standards of operations at Santol Energy, safety measures and customer satisfaction models are up to international standards.

“l believe having the ISO certification will increase our credibility for business, improve productivity, improve customer satisfaction and retention while empowering our staff with the personal development training acquired CEO of Santol Energy, Alhaji Fareed Amin Yakubu said in an interview.

Explaining why Santol Energy decided to subject its operational activities to international audit, Alhaji  Yakubu said: “As an emerging force within the downstream oil industry, we need to a unique attribute that separate us from others in the industry. Thus, we thought it wise and prudent to equip our company with the ISO Standards to streamline and upgrade our operation to internationally acceptable standard and best practice to better serve our clients; whilst improving efficiency and productivity within the organization.


The ISO Certification Group UK, audits standards to ensure they meet approved ISO standards for businesses across the world to ensure effective and efficient business practices across the globe.

They give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating International Trade.

Officials at TCG, led by the Chief Auditor Mr. Dean Mori, subjected all aspects of Santol Energy’s operations to critical scrutiny, audited documents, and interrogated all section managers, responsible employees, including the CEO.


Auditing Process


“In fact, every minute detail of our processes, from Health and Safely, administration and Human Resources, Operations, Compliance, Sales and Marketing were scrutinized. It was an intense and a very demanding process but it was worth it,” Alhaji Fareed Amin Yakubu.

After several days of scrutiny, the lead auditor at TCG, Mr. Dean Mori, expressed surprise at the rigorous procedures at Santol Energy, applauding its compliance and strategies adopted by the officials at Santol.

Commenting on the prospects after the ISO Certification, the Marketing Manager of Santol Energy Mr. Michael Issifu Wepeba, said “Santol Energy is at par with Multi-National Petroleum Companies in Ghana with respect to standards. This allows us to compete and lobby for contracts in any industry.”

He said even though Santol Energy is relatively young,  it has been operating for 2 years with stations across the country and providing quality assurance products including ultra-low sulphur diesel  with the most competitive prices for petrol, marine gas oil and domestic kerosene.

According to him, it is a standard practice with Santol Energy to provide clients with sample fuel for testing before supply.

“We also check for water traces in diesel prior to dispatch of our Bulk Road Vehicles and also encourage our client’s operation team to carry onsite test prior to discharge,” he stated.


With integrity as one of its cardinal principles, Santol Energy ensures that customers always get quality service and products.

“At Santol Energy we exist because of our customers and we strive to ensure they receive the best in service and product. Our integrity is never compromised with our customers as the relationship is based on absolute trust in us as an honest service provider,” Operations Manager Kwabena Osei Yeboah said.

SANTOL ENERGY LLC. is a reputable ISO certified 100% Ghanaian owned Oil Marketing Company (OMC) delivering best-in-class services to our clients since the company’s inception. The Company is duly registered under the laws of Ghana and licensed by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

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